Rise and Shine & Give God the Glory

rise-and-shineRise and Shine & Give God the Glory!

Is it a new week already? I don’t know about you, but Monday mornings are always the hardest for me to get up out of bed. I have to force myself to put my feet on the floor. We have carpet, so it’s not like the floor is cold or anything… but I just had a great weekend full of staying up late and sleeping in. Can’t I stay in bed just a LITTLE bit longer?

Monday mornings are for the birds!

I’ve had a song stuck in my head for weeks and it just came out of nowhere. I haven’t heard this song since I was a little kid in church. It’s called Rise and Shine!

“Ri-ise and shi-ine!
And give God the glory, glory!

Ri-ise and Shi-ine!
And give God the glory, glory!

Children of the Lord!”

Since it has been stuck in my head, you all know me. I have to figure out WHY! I have to take apart my thoughts and feelings process to see why a song that I haven’t heard since I was really little was suddenly stuck in my head.

Here’s my hypothesis:

Lately, I’ve been working a lot. I have put most of my energy into keeping our home together, helping other people, and working my business. Which includes building my blog.

At first, I didn’t think I would be able to do it. I expressed not having enough time during the day to my husband and he came up with a solution: get up earlier!

WHAT? ME? Not only wake up, but GET UP earlier than the sun? That’s impossible!

He told me that it would not only give me more time to get things done, but it would help keep him and I on a “synced schedule” as far as being awake at the same time and making us feel more connected. That’s what got me.

So what did I do?

That next week, I set my alarm.

That first week was the hardest, because I felt like one of those walkers you’d see on The Walking Dead. I started drinking coffee a little more (black, not stirred) to help put a pep in my step. But I still wasn’t getting ahold of the new habit.

So I decided, instead of getting up and just starting work, I should get up and do something that requires intense quiet time (both of my boys sleep until 7am-8am) and something that would help me enjoy waking up earlier. It is the perfect time for a Bible Study.

I had already started a 365 day devotional that I got for Christmas, so I decided to move my Bible Study time up to the top of the morning. That has helped TREMENDOUSLY!

Not just to get up and get things done, but it has helped me really prioritize what exactly I’m doing on this earth. I am supposed to put GOD FIRST, then everything else will come after. When I started doing that, my business started to grow. My business started to rise. My business started to shine! And I am not hesitant at all to give God the glory, glory!

I’m saying all of that to say, the reason that that song is stuck in my head is because God is trying to tell me something. (Funny, how He reveals things to us, huh?)

I feel like He is saying to me that as long as I put Him first and give Him the glory for the great things He has done (so loved He the world that He gave us His Son), that everything I do will RISE and it will SHINE and it will flourish through HIM. Not by my actions, but by HIS.

In conclusion:

I used to let not being a morning person hold me back from rising and shining. What’s holding you back? Feel free to comment below or email me at to share!

Now, I sing this song every morning when I wake up. Some mornings louder than others. Other mornings, only in my head. But it has really helped me get moving and I will RISE! I will SHINE! And I will give HIM the GLORY, GLORY!

…even on Monday mornings.

Ri-ise and Shi-ine!
And give God the glory, glory!

Thank y’all & God Bless!




12 thoughts on “Rise and Shine & Give God the Glory

  1. I’m not the most religious person in the world but every morning I meditate. Then I count my blessings and pray that I can enjoy another day. Your post is motivating me to get out of bed with a little more pep. Go get ’em, Mama.

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  2. A morning spent with God is the best way to start any day. I have a few Bible plans that I read and say a morning prayer to get me going. I love it even more on the weekends because I have more time to dive in and really study the Word.

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      1. I use the Bible app. I check out the verse of the day. I like plans by Joyce Meyer. I’ve recently completed several plans that took me through the whole Bible. Right now I’m reading a Parenting devotional. I like the ones they have on building and strengthening a marriage and parenting. Then I’ll just choose a topic or plan that looks interesting or is something I need to work on.


      2. That’s so awesome! The one that I’m going through right now is The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer. It is so great and helps me feel more confident with who I am!
        I love the parenting ones too! My husband and I started the husband and wife devotional by Unveiled Wife. But due to current events, we haven’t been able to continue it just yet. I hope we can get back to it soon, because I enjoy it.
        I believe that there’s always room for improvement! 🙂

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  3. Yes!! Lately, I had been feeling…down. Even angry at times. It wasn’t until I started a Bible study on the Armor of God that I really sat back and realized it was enemy telling me lies that I began harboring as truths. I finally had enough last week and started setting my alarm for EARLY (5:15!) since my boys are early risers (6/6:30). My days have made such a drastic change, and I feel more productive and..happy! Putting God first is key. Thank you for posting this! ❤


    1. That is so awesome!
      My fuse has been shorter lately, since I’ve started my business. Mostly, because I feel like my attention span is running thin. I’ve had to step back and prioritize all over again. LOL
      My boys didn’t use to be early risers, but since I’ve started getting up earlier, they’ve started getting up earlier.

      How old are your boys??

      Thank you for checking it out. ❤


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