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Book Review: Moon Chosen by PC Cast

moonchosenMoon Chosen by P.C. Cast is a wonderful book that challenged my human instincts in every way. This tale is about a whole different world that is much like our own, with a little more of a twisted sense.

In this world that P.C. Cast has created, there’s a segregation of differences among its people. Just like our world, we have our “clicks” and races. This NEW world has Earth Walkers, Companions, Skin Stealers, and “Scratchers”. There’s a few more, but these are the main ones.

Each group has their differences that the other groups loathe about them, or in all actuality: misunderstand.

They’re all about the same thing; surviving in the world that they call home. They just choose to do so in different ways. For example, the Earth Walkers choose to use the power of the moon to thrive and the Companions choose the power of the sun. The Earth Walkers live in burrows on the ground and the  Companions live in the trees on platforms.

An interesting fact about the Earth Walkers: if they don’t have a Moon Woman “wash” them with the power of the moon, then they will turn into something that they’re not. At first, it reminded me of lycans and werewolves. It’s similar, but not exactly the same. They don’t completely transform into anything, the men just begin to act extremely violent and the women become beyond depressed and sad. Each ultimately ending in death. So the Moon Woman is important to the Earth Walkers. She is pretty much their savior to keep living a “normal” life.

An interesting fact about Companions: they are usually connected spiritually to a dog. When the dogs are born and old enough, they choose a Companion to share their spirit with. The Companions don’t choose the dogs, the dogs choose them. This is something that I REALLY loved about the book. Because in our world, we choose our dogs. But in this world, the dogs choose their Companion. If you’re connected to a dog, then you know how that dog is feeling and sometimes what they’re thinking. The sad thing though, is if you die as a Companion, the dog dies of a broken heart.

These two groups of people don’t get along. The Companions actually hunt down “Scratchers” (what they call Earth Walkers) to have them work their crops and serve them. They think of them as mindless beings and a lot like how we view cattle.

Of course, as you can imagine, the Earth Walkers resent the Companions and hide away from them.

So what happens when these two different lifestyles come together and fall in love?

The main character of this story is Mari.  Mari is the daughter of their tribe’s Moon Woman. Mari’s mom, Leda, is the Moon Woman of her tribe in the Earth Walker community. The tribe looks up to her to wash away the worst part of them.

Even though the tribe looks up to her, Leda has been keeping Mari’s condition a secret from them by making up excuses for Mari like she’s sickly. When really, Mari is actually part Companion and doesn’t look like an Earth Walker, except for her grey eyes. Having grey eyes meant that she was a candidate for becoming the next Moon Woman.

Leda made Mari cover her skin with mud and dyed her hair the same color as other Earth Walkers to make her look less like a Companion. And with the pressure of choosing the next Moon Woman upon her, she was hesitating to choose because she didn’t want to make the wrong decision.

The book switches over to the Companion community and there we meet Nik. He is the leader’s son and is above the age of being chosen by a dog. A dog hasn’t chosen him yet and it’s making him doubt himself. A pup that catches his attention runs off from their community one night and Nik gives up everything he can manage to find that pup. He truly feels as if that particular pup was supposed to choose him and he wasn’t going to let that opportunity go away.

What he ends up finding and where the pup ends up going, staples this story together as an epic tale of two communities coming together! It is a story of love, the good kind, in all different stances. Parental love, brotherly love, fur baby love, and everyone’s favorite… a touch of romance. But not the mushy stuff, the real genuine love that you can’t help but to go “Awww” about!

I didn’t even tell you about those Skin Sealers, Wolf Spiders, blood beetles, roaches, and weird “champion” characters that added darkness and more depth to the story! You’ll have to read it to find out about those. There’s a little bit of “good guy gets a taste of darkness and likes it” type storyline going on there. So read it it find out what I’m talking about!

You can find it on Amazon HERE!

I am super excited about the next book, because the way that this one ended… there BETTER be a next one!!

My review scoring:

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars!★ ★ ★ ★ ★


About the Author:

#1 NY Tipc-castmes and #1 USA Today author PC Cast was born in the Midwest, and grew up being shuttled back-and-forth between Illinois and Oklahoma, which is where she fell in love with Quarter Horses and mythology (at about the same time). After high school, she joined the United States Air Force and began public speaking and writing. After her tour in the USAF, she taught high school for 15 years before retiring to write full time. PC is a member of the Oklahoma Writers Hall of Fame. Her novels have been awarded the prestigious: Oklahoma Book Award, YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers, Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, the Prism, Holt Medallion, Daphne du Maurier, Booksellers’ Best, and the Laurel Wreath. PC is an experienced teacher and talented speaker. Ms. Cast lives in Oregon near her fabulous daughter, her adorable pack of dogs, her crazy Maine Coon, and a bunch of horses.



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