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4 Reasons We Decided to Homeschool




There are many opinions out there about homeschool. I’ve heard the good and I have heard the bad. I didn’t hear these things though, until I was making the decision to homeschool or not with my husband.

I was in public school from pre-k to fifth grade. After fifth grade, we moved to a different state and my mom and dad decided to homeschool us. I didn’t know that it was even possible to do school at home. But once I started, I loved it. I was learning at my own pace and learning about the things that I wanted to learn. Later on, I was put into public school for high school. I wasn’t behind on anything, in fact I felt like maybe I was ahead on most things.

My husband was in public school from pre-k until he graduated high school. So we both had the public school experience for most of our schooling years. That was what we were used to, really. Even though I enjoyed being homeschooled, I was glad when I was put into public school. I made so many more friends and had a good time with the extra activities they would have there.

Before our oldest son was born, I was set on going to work. I was actually taking accredited online classes to become a pharmacy technician. Around the seventh month of pregnancy, I slacked off on my school work, got behind, and became overwhelmed with everything to the point where I didn’t finish the course.

That’s what led me to making the decision to stay at home with our baby. I decided to become a stay at home mom. I felt like God was telling me that that’s the direction I should go, so I listened. It was hard, because I wanted to go to work and be a working out of home mama. But God showed me that it just wasn’t for me.

Now, I am a work at home mama (check out what I do here )with two beautiful boys and they are growing FAST. The decision to homeschool or send them to public school came up so suddenly, I felt like I hardly had time to breathe. But it wasn’t a hard decision, because God had already shown me many signs that teaching them here at home is what would fit His plan for our family.

Here are 4 reasons that we chose to homeschool:


  1. We can teach them about God.

    Learning about God and the Bible is a priority for our family. There is so much that we can learn from the Bible, not just about God but about life. Public schools have strayed so far away from that to the point where they are teaching evolution as truth and not allowing kids to bring their Bibles to school or share their beliefs with others. It’s gotten to where they’re more worried about offending certain people and not worried about offending our Creator. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Serving Him means putting Him first. Adding that into our child’s education like History or just basic Bible lessons is ideal for our family. When our children are young, it’s important that we instill in them the habit of putting God first. They won’t learn that from a public school. Maybe a Christian school, but even then they could be distracted by their peers and not listen.

  2. We can let them pick what they want to learn about.

    In our home, we do this thing called “child led learning”. It’s a technique used by many homeschoolers that allows the children to explore topics and subjects that they want to learn about. If you take the time to listen to your child and see what his or her interests are and then feed them more information and facts about what they are interested in… chances are they will listen to you more willingly and learn a lot more. Of course, there are other things that your child will need to be introduced to, but a good place to start is what they are most interested in. For example, my oldest showed interest in ASL (American Sign Language). I took ahold of that and began teaching him more about it. He has become so passionate about learning the language and it has become rooted into our family. (Check out our videos of ASL here.)Taking their interests and letting them explore them may just let them find their passion. What is more beautiful than a child being passionate about something?

    Also, every child doesn’t learn the same way. By taking the time to learn how your child learns makes a big difference. It’s hard for a teacher to do that with a class of 15 kids or more and accommodate every child so that they can learn as much as they can and actually retain the knowledge.

  3. We can have flexible schedules to do what we want, when we want to do it.

    This was a big factor for us. We have family that live all over the state of AL and FL, so we go visit often (not often enough) and they come visit us often as well. Having the control to set off some of our school work based on our schedule is an incredible feeling. It’s like freedom! If we want to take a trip, we can take the schooling with us or make the trip apart of our schooling. If we have people coming to visit, we can just work around it. Also, if there are days that school just isn’t working into our schedule, we can find something else productive to do and just add on to other days work (I recommend not doing this often). With public school, it’s hard to work anything out around it unless there are breaks.

  4. We can wear our pajamas (or even nothing at all).

    I’m sure some of you probably laughed at this one, but it’s really rewarding to our family. I am in love with sweatpants and big t-shirts. That’s pretty much all I wear. Our boys don’t even like wearing clothes mostly. If you were to pass by our house, you would probably see them standing at our glass screen door butt naked. I’ve been trying to keep clothes on them as much as I can. Our oldest does pretty well with it, but our youngest will rip his clothes off as soon as we put them on him. It saves us from having to buy different outfits for every day of the week. I couldn’t imagine our boys putting on a presentable outfit every single day.


With all of that being said,

I am not against parents sending their children to public school. Every family is different and every child learns differently. Some situations would call for a child to go to public school and it’s not always a bad thing. Some children flourish better in that environment. It’s all about knowing your child, knowing your family, but most of all… knowing the plan that God has for your family.


If you are a homeschooling family, what are some reasons that you chose to homeschool? I’d love to read them below!


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