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Little Girl Crying – Book Review

Little Girl Crying - Book Review   "I'll bury the pain deep, deep down So deep that it can't be found It will not see the light of day If it seeks release I'll purge it away I'll starve the life right out of it And lull the pain a little bit I'll beat the… Continue reading Little Girl Crying – Book Review

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3 C’s of Womanhood

3 C's of Womanhood Womanhood is something that we can all relate to in this community! Mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, or just a woman. There are struggles that we go through that are slightly different than the male species. Sometimes they aren't as voiced, because we may feel like they aren't worth voicing.… Continue reading 3 C’s of Womanhood

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Temples of the Holy Spirit

Nine months ago I began having health problems. The issues I’m experiencing correlate with what I planned to write about though, so God’s timing is, as always, perfect. This is basically a Romans 8:28 event. We’ve all seen the disclaimers before starting an exercise or weight loss program. It’s something I want to address with you,… Continue reading Temples of the Holy Spirit

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Valentine’s Day; A Reminder of the Legacy God is Creating through You

  Valentine's Day; A Reminder of the Legacy God's Creating Through You   Twenty – two years ago he asked me to be his Valentine. 22 short years ago, I went to bed under my parent's roof, a girl of seventeen, dreaming of a blonde haired, green eyed boy who had just asked me to… Continue reading Valentine’s Day; A Reminder of the Legacy God is Creating through You