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Book Review: Sammy Falls in Love

Book review on Lynn Miclea’s Sammy Falls in Love

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#WednesdayWisdom: What should YOU be blogging about?

What should you be blogging about? Have you thought about starting a blog? If you missed last week’s wisdom post, check it out to find out When and How to Start a Blog. This week, we’re talking about WHAT you should blog about. There are so many different blogs out there, because there are so many…… Continue reading #WednesdayWisdom: What should YOU be blogging about?


Blog Feature: The Crayon Family

The Crayon Family A colorful way of life isn’t cut out for everyone. But for this family, it was just what they needed to keep going with theirs. When I read this story for the first time, I was so inspired. I happened to be going through a period of feeling like I should give…… Continue reading Blog Feature: The Crayon Family


Sammy goes to the Dog Park by Lynn Miclea

Sammy Goes to the Dog Park by Lynn Miclea is such a fun story about Sammy the rescue dog’s adventure at the dog park. He is such a good dog and I continue to enjoy his adventures more and more each time. This addition to Sammy’s series did NOT disappoint at all. I loved every part…… Continue reading Sammy goes to the Dog Park by Lynn Miclea

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#WednesdayWisdom: When and How to Start a Blog

Many people are so intimidated of blogging. They always think that they have to be a good writer, know a lot about computers, and always have something to write about. When you know nothing about blogging, this can become overwhelming and scare you away from the blogging world. I haven’t been a blogger my whole…… Continue reading #WednesdayWisdom: When and How to Start a Blog


WLJ Angel Gowns

I was doing my normal every day networking and connecting with entrepreneurs, when I came across something so beautiful. I looked over the page and saw this picture below. It touched my heart. Then I continued to read the story behind the picture and it brought me to tears. I’m going to warn you, this…… Continue reading WLJ Angel Gowns